About Us

Just The Minutes is not just minutes anymore. Full of energy with a passion for the condominium market we strive to help property managers and boards do whatever it takes to make them more successful.

We started with minute taking, but it quickly became evident that managers and corporations as a whole needed help with a wide range of administrative tasks that take them away from their core focus - helping owners and assisting boards.

We help corporations keep their focus on the owners to deliver exceptional service that can be counted on when it matters.


No contract term

Hire us as needed with no commitment, so there's no risk


Easy Bookings

Feel free to reach out via email or phone or via web


Peace of Mind

Mature, Professional and Discrete minute takers

We deliver

Serving you is our passion and our commitment is to ensure everything we do helps to make your corporation run efficiently.



You can count on us. If we say we will be there, we will. We have build in contingency and we always plan ahead.


Value for Money

We know every dollar counts and we are committed to providing competitive pricing.


Peace of Mind

Delivering on time, on budget, with no surprises.


Quality First

We undertake careful review of our work to ensure you receive a quality product.

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