Notice of Meetings

Just The Minutes has helped to send out thousands of notice packages to condominium clients via both electronically and by standard mail! We specialize in supporting the notice to owner prior to general or special meetings.

We have the equipment and expertise to deliver with limited effort notices to all owners regardless of contact method.

Professionally trained staff ensure your notices are prepared and delivered with minimal stress.

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No contract term

Hire us as needed with no commitment, so there's no risk


Easy Bookings

Feel free to reach out via email or phone or via web


Peace of Mind

Mature, Professional and Discrete minute takers

Pricing - Notice of Meetings

Standard Mail
- Per page $0.08
- Per Envelope $1.00
- Standard Postage Rates
- Admin Fee - $75

Electronic Notices - $250
- Assistance with Notice Creation
- Free Import of Owner's List
- Proof of Services
- Same-day Delivery

Bundle - $250
- Plus $0.08 per Page
- Plus $1.00 per Envelope
- 3 Day Turnaround